Download Torrents Free From Demonoid!

Yes! It’s True!

Nowadays (after back to online), there is no registration is required to download torrents from Demonoid.

Believe it or not it’s true!  This is a known or may not known bug in their website.

Or it may be a limited period offer since Demonoid is under test run.

So, do not waste your golden times by posting (even in this blog) or requesting for a invitation code to register in Demonoid.

Just logon to and search for your favorite torrent and hit the Download icon to save the torrent file into your computer.


Hurry! Happy Torrenting!

Don’t forget to leave your thanks as comments below.


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  2. Since 2 month im been trying beeing a member of demonoid, i have a good internet connection witch i help seed and i would so like comment the torrents i downlaod. Please could you be so gentle and send me an activation code. Thx for assistence

  3. Can't send torrent

    Non-registered visitors are limited to newer torrents only.
    To download torrents older than a few days, you must register.

    Registration to this website is absolutely free.

    Click here to go to the registration page
    Click here to go back

    This is the message that i received when i tried to download Ju-on 2[ a quite classic japanese horror movie]

    That's the reason why i wanted to register sir. I also posted on your yahoo groups message #203, hope it will be replied as soon as possible, thank you and more power to you sir!


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