How to Split, Break or Partition a file into two or more parts (Useful to split bigger size of files)

To do the above you have installed WinRar in your computer. If you do not installed the WinRar yet download it free from and install it in your computer.

Steps to split bigger files into two or more:

  1. Read the actual size of your file. To read the size right click on the file which you planned to split. Click on Properties. Note down the size both in KB and Bytes.
  2. Desire how much part you've planned to split. For example if the file size is 2MB and you have planned to copy the files to a standard Floppy Disk than you can split it into two parts. Normally we can store up to 1.4MB of data into one floppy. Therefore you can split the file into two parts. One parts' size will be 1MB (1024kb=1MB) and rest will be the second part.
  3. Convert the split size into Bytes. Because, WinRar will ask the split size only in Bytes. Refer the below conversion factor chart.

1024 Bits 

1 Byte 

1024 Bytes 

1 Kilo Byte 

1024 Kilo Bytes 

1 Mega Byte 

1024 Mega Bytes 

1 Giga Byte 

1024 Giga Bytes 

1 Terra Byte 


1 Mega Byte 

= 1024 Kilo Bytes 

= 1048576 Bytes 

= 1073741824 Bits 

1 Giga Byte 

= 1024 Mega Bytes

= 1048576 Kilo Bytes

= 1073741824 Bytes 


1 Terra Byte 

= 1024 Giga Byte 

= 1048576 Mega Bytes 

= 1073741824 Kilo Bytes 


  1. Locate your file which is going to be split. (Note: Your original file will remain as it is. WinRar will split the file as additional. So, no need to worry about your original File).
  2. Right click on your file and click on "Add to archive". A window will open and it will contain several options in it. Since you are not familiar with this process, do not change any option of it.
  3. If you desire to split your files into 1048576 Bytes (1MB) enter the Bytes figure in the given text box labelled as "Split to volumes, bytes" (Note: Only enter the bytes figure i.e. 1048576).
  4. Click OK and the splitting process will start. If your file is too bit the process will take little more time.
  5. A confirmation beep will be heard after the process done.
  6. See the split parts in the same folder where your original files where.  

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