How to Save/Download the YouTube and MetaCafe video files in your local computer.

First, just leave the YouTube or MetaCafe video to play fully. By playing the full video means you are buffering the video file into your computer. The buffered video files will be stored in your computers "Temporary Internet Files" folder. 

After completing (Buffering) the YouTube video files into your computer, you can copy the buffered file from your "Temporary Internet Files" folder to any other drive or folder as you wish to store those files. 

Probably the YouTube files will be store in you computer as FLV format. 

Now, open your "Temporary Internet Files" folder, to open it click Tools>Internet Options from Internet Explores menu. If you are using Internet Explorer-7 or later, click the "Setting" button under the header "Browsing History" from the "General" tab. Now you can find your "Temporary Internet Files" folders path as "Current Location:" you can open the folder by manually typing the location address in "Run" command or you can open the folder just clicking the "View Files". 

The "Temporary Internet Files" folder will open. Now, find the YouTube video file which is in a FLV format. For easiest find, set your folder view type to "Detailed" and locate for the "*.flv" extension files. This the YouTube files actually. Copy it to any other location. 

That's it. You can now play the files using a FLV Player or using your Internet Explorer. 

The above will be works for all version of Windows except Windows Vista. Because, Vista's tight security will not allow you to view the Folder, where the downloaded files stores.  

The above guide will also applies to Mozilla FireFox, Opera, NetScape and more. 

You can download the FLV Players from the following location to play the *.flv files: 

Or you can download the FLV Converters from the following locations: 

Note: This guide will help for MetaCafe users too.

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  1. You can use a download site like , paste your video link there and you'll be prompted with the link to the flv.

  2. Interesting and useful post, but I still prefer paid tools because they offers lots of additional options except the downloading itself. I like Bytescout Movies Extractor - it's not expensive but really cool.

  3. You can download youtube video at
    It supports HD version.

  4. hmmm...this doesnt work when file is buffered in mozilla. temporary files show only internet explorers files.
    although you can watch mozillas cache by typing
    "about:cache" to adress bar.

  5. Hi and thanks, I'll suggest to my friends using Windows,

    rainer.plumer, I think Firefox store cached files to a directory different than IE, but files MUST be cached in some place on your hard.

    Linux users can do the same if you go to /tmp, the video is named with an Flash prefix and no extension, (no visible extension at least)

    Well, thanks for the info

  6. Hi Exheon Thanks for your valuable comment.

    FireFox users can type "about:cache" in the address bar and hit enter to get the correct path for the temporary folder.

  7. Excellent article, however there is an easier way to do it. lets you download a video in SD, HQ, 720p or 1080p HD format in just 1 click.

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  8. I had buffered around 5 videos simulateneously in IE7. After the buffering was done for all 5, I went to the Temp Internet Files folder however I could find only 1 .flv file (for the latest buffered video)... where can I find the rest..??

  9. i use mac computer.
    do you have any suggestion?

    1. I always save youtube videos into DVD discs.
      and it is easy to save youtube video to DVD.

  10. Thanks for sharing! Very useful! I personally use Keepvid and Wantyoutube to download videos!

  11. outdated method, not with mozilla v11.

  12. sori, meant firefox v7.01 not mozilla v11

  13. Good job. personally, i use videodownloadhelper plugin to download youtube flv videos on Firefox explorer.

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