How To Check Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Balance Online?

Now it is possible to verify your EPF balance online in. In near future , all office of EPFO will facilitate the online checking of status of PF balance and claims.
What you need to know for checking the balance of PF?
There are three fields which you will have to fill. These are :
Establishment Code ,
Esst Extensions
Employee Number
All these can be found from your EPF Number.
If your EPF number is KR/KK/123A/456 then
Establishment Code is 123
Est.Extension is A
Employee Number is 456

Remember , if your establishment has no unit or other branch, there may not be extension number.In that case , you do not have to fill extension number.
Website Address for Checking Online Status

1. For the Region of Gujarat
You can check the balance with any office of Gujarat Region i.e Ahmadabad, Rajkot,Vatva and Baroda.
2. For the Region of Chennai
For checking EPF balance with office within Chennai jurisdiction of EPFO i.e for offices in Ambattur, Chennai, Coimbatore,Madurai, Pondicherry ,Salem,Tambaram ,Vellore,Tirunelveli
3. For Kerala Region
If you want to check balance of EPF with office of EPFO at Kottayam, Konnur, Kochi, Kollam, Trivandrum,Kozhikode


  1. 9578445296 this my number u call i tell...
    very easy checking u r status ...


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