Official Reason From Demonoid For Their Downtime

Happy news to all!

Demonoid is coming back! Yes! Demonoid officially announced the real reason for their prolonged down time!

While access Demonoid today it says a new information as given below.

September 26
The site will return as soon as possible, but there was a problem that caused data loss and the person who can help us get the data back is not able to help at this moment. The site will return when we can get his help
A loss of a some months worth of activity including registered users and torrent submissions is to be expected because the backup we are hoping to get back is not up to date, so please be prepared for it.

I know you are all start hating the person who declined to help Demonoid at this risky moment.  If anybody having capable and willing to help Demonoid to overcome this problem, those persons will be a great person and will get familiar worldwide in this situation.

Now, all Demonoid fan’s expectation is, “Demonoid need back either with all the torrent uploaded and users registered or at least with the last backup”.

Come back Demonoid.  We need you in anyway.

This should be a happy new to all Demonoid lover.  So, Leave your happy expressions and thanks to Demonoid to coming back as comment below.


  1. Really? First Comment?

    I've never coveted this position, but I'm happy to say that Demonoid back is truly good news. Its non-scene releases of true gems (be it lossless music, or audiobooks, etc), I have a good ratio and I'm proud of my being a part of that community. Thank for your help and updates.

  2. No problem waiting. Let us know if you need any help! And as always, thanks Demonoid.

  3. yeah demonoid is great my screen name is freshymizzle whats your screen name let all demonoid members ban together at this time of crisis

    Hey you! \/ the guy under me. yeah you.suck a cock

  4. why are you so rude. Are you a hillbilly or live in a trailer?

  5. what exactly do they need done? are their backups on a physically damaged hdd and they need a forensic technician to remove the plates and put them on another device to retrieve the backups? im not exactly sure how bad things are that they have been unable to retrieve a data backup for over a month

  6. is still up!

    And as far as i know will be restoring MySQL db for them. They use to keep back ups on their server before so hope they have one up to date so no data loss will be made.

  7. Where can i get karaoke torrents in the meantime? I need MRH61 URGENTLY!!!! Are there any torrent sites that are free and download straight away just like demonoid does? Thanks in

  8. Hello,
    Please if its in your power Help these guys
    fellow members !!!! Do IT !!!!
    Its FAIR + normal to SHARE -Music and film data
    Between friends...How about Used book and DVD-CD stores--Are you gonna go after them Hollywood ?
    Lets fight these control freaks who want to STOP
    P2p sharing---Hey Will they go after the Public Library's NEXT ??? They share for FREE !!! It becoming a police state ! ITS GREED + Nuts !
    Let's fight them !!!!! FREEDOM for torrent sharing ! REVOLT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the best
    From -Demonoid member-jayamadhava

  9. @Demonoid member-jayamadhava

    gah, you're an idiot. libraries cost tax money you fool.

  10. I needs my demonoid its been over 2 months now and all the torrent sites I've been looking at and using since demonoid went down SUCK!!!! Its so hard to find a good speed d/l cause everybody wants to take take take and not share ... the whole point to torrents is to share not keep it all for yourself -.- I always seeded my stuff for at least 2 weeks before I took it down due to having too much going at once and now I've just given up on it because nobody on open trackers shares anything >.<

  11. demonoid was the best site ever!
    i hope they come back up soon.

  12. We all need you Demonoid!!! Please come back soon because i love you, miss you and need you!!!

  13. Demoniod i have been a loyal user of yours for two years ..even when you went down and out and everyone thought you wasent coming back i still kept up please come back and please post something on the demonoid site letting some know how its going..sorry but IP is startin to suck big hairy monkey plums..cant find jack and you guys had some real good games..

  14. Yea, man I miss Demonoid, I have been using Mininova lately but it is not the same. There is only one King and that is Demonoid.

  15. This is talking so long. I've been a member of demonoid for years and I miss them a lot.

  16. I really miss demonoid to, i check everyday to see if there back, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY TAKING SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. what i dont get is this crap with piracy...look what there doing today with a digital cd in with the movie so that you can SHARE !! it with others...thats pirating..idiots

  18. i miss demonoid!! :((

    soooooooooooooooooooo MUCH .... :(

    please be back! please be back! :(

    can someone from their team update us about their situation? so we know how their going and if they are really coming back?? they've been down for months.. dont wanna wait for nothing :(
    i miss demonoid so much ....:( -----jam here

  19. I'm missing demonoid, hope it's not long before it's back. One of the best sites on the net if not to best

  20. as a loyal demonoid donator and member ,i really hope that they be back soon ,it sutch a hassel with virus polluted filles from other torrent sites,i wonder what really,s going on ,i am afraid there is something else going on then just putting back a backup

  21. Demonoid rocks and I hope it will come back soon! tpb is pretty good too :)

  22. Come back Demonoid i need u now!!!
    dont taking so long......

  23. Still down till now..

    goodbye to my decent ratios when the site's up and running again.. lol

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Demonoid we miss and appreciate you.


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