How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol from your Keyboard on your Computer

Recently Indian Government released Indian rupee symbol so you need to use Indian Rupee symbol rather than just typing Rs whenever you need to mention Indian currency. Foradian technologies created the Indian rupee font which you can download and install in your Computer.Lets see  how to use Indian rupee font to show Indian rupee symbol using your keyboard in your Computer.

IndianRupeesymbol1 INR

Download and install Indian Rupee Font in your Computer

Download Indian Rupee font.rtf to your Computer from Foradian technologies blog and click "save" button to save font to your Computer.

A couple of days ago, an HCL spokesperson had said that the new Indian Rupee symbol will be seen on HCL keyboards within 3-4 months. But still, we, the Indians are so eager to use the Rupee Symbol. We have found a font in foradian blog to help you hit the key left to number 1 and see the symbol on your screen. Download this .ttf
file and copy it to the following location:



How to type Indian Rupee symbol in your computer to show it in Office Applications and in other text editors


1.To type Indian rupee symbol open Ms Word

2Change font from time New Roman to Rupee Foradian select the Font size and click Ok to save changes.

2.Now hit ~ key below Esc button on keyboard to get Indian Rupee symbol in Ms Word ,you have to do similarly in Notepad also.

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    U can download the Arial and Times New roman Font with Rupees symbol from the above link


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