Snipping tool for XP?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are very familiar with the Snipping tool.

This tool is not a part of an operating system for the previous Windows OS like XP.

XP user who want this tool badly, can use the “Screen Clipping Tool” if they installed “One Note from Microsoft’s Office 2007”.  Shortcut is “Windows key + S”

Or alternately can also use third party Snipping tool like “Snippy”

You can download this free from


  1. please tell me how this works. I selected capture now, got a pen and circled the area i wanted to remove. then what? Can anyone help me?

  2. after circling area I pasted it into word. worked fine. wouldn't work for publisher.

  3. I tried it in Powerpoint and it did not work, but it did work in Word.


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