Patalpani Accident, Indore India (Video)

Sure, you will get tears after watching this…..

Patalpani Accident, Indore India (Live)

I’m really not willing to post this video here and I’m so sorry for this.  But I wanted that, everybody should get aware about water and its vigorous.

Be careful friends, enjoy waterfall only from a comfortable distance.  As I heard, only 2 of them alive.


  1. this is very tragic. but they never should have entered the river in the very first place. for those viewers who condemned those watching and filming at the sides, there is nothing those people could do. if u were in their position u would be too scared to re-enter the river. if 5 people entered the river trying to save them this would be 8 dead, 2 alive. and people would condemned the 5 as being stupid. RIP to those 3. may this be a lesson to all, not to mess with mother nature.

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