How To Access Demonoid In A Tricky Way?

Updated News 26.09.2009: Good News to all Demonoid Fans! Demonoid is coming back again.

Read more about it here

Demonoid blocked some countries (IP address) to access their website?!.  Whenever trying to access through Internet Explorer it shows an error as “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error” and “Blank Screen” through FireFox, Google Chrome Etc., 

Nobody knows the real reason for that.  Somebody says that this is a technical problem with them.  If it is a technical trouble (Hardware Malfunction) then no one can enter into that website.  Somebody says Demonoid is gone Offline again.

But the users from US and UK can still able to access Demnoid.  So, its is clear that Demonoid blocked some Countries or IPs or ISP from access to their website.

But we don’t want any of the above.  We need to know the way to access Demonoid.  It is a quiet tricky way.  I don’t want to talk more and stress you.  Let us come to the trick.

Trick 1 (Simple):

Just try to access Demonoid through their IP Address.  IP address to access Demonoid is: http:\\ type it in your browser’s address bar and HIT enter.  If it doesn’t works then try the next Trick.

Trick 2 (Extended):

Since Demonoid is still available to US and UK we can access Demnoid through US or UK Proxy servers.  If you have US or UK Proxy server’s IP address you may configure your browser to use that Proxy address .  Or you can use the following Proxy servers to access Demonoid.


There is a million of proxy servers available on the net, but I have listed only three particular proxy server because, these are located at United States and these are fastest proxy and the main thing is these are ads free proxies (Because I know you are all hating Ads.)

Ok just go to any of the above Proxy servers and type in to the address box they provided and hit go!

Now, you can amaze! you can also access Demonoid successfully!

Be alert it not advised to expose your Demonoid’s username and passwords while your access it through Proxies.  Do it in your own risk.  I have logged into Demonoid two three times but none steal my username and password.

If you do not like these proxy you may also use any of the above linked.

Trick 3 (Advanced): (Updated on 14/09/2009)

This advanced tricked has been posted at

It is a very useful tool.  Take look and enjoy!

Leave your thanks opinions and questions about this as comment below to discuss.


  1. trick 2 works for me

  2. Yes trick 2 worked but cannot open my account

  3. I've tried trick 2 and it works like an angel!!! Thanks for this tricks!!!

  4. with the proxy I entered Demonoid 's Home page, but the login procedure failed totally, all the bullshit of checking y're human...-( etc
    It's a pity for demonoid but the pirate bay works fine " it eases my pain..."

  5. what the hell is this ..............trick 2 works but login failed ................plzz come out with some failproof trick

  6. Since these are proxies you should have to retry two or more times.

    However I'm trying to post a good proxy site wich will eleble you login error freely


  7. What I don't understand is this: I can't log on, but my friend in the same city can. We're in the western US.

  8. Hello from Mexico. The folks in TorrentFreak come whit this solution:

    It works and my password still works in Demonoid

  9. Todays Status: The site shows the following dialogue. This is something different than the usual Maintenance Screen! Hope they will come back online!


    We will be back as soon as possible, but this will probably be a prolonged downtime.
    Thank you for your patience!}

  10. After visit demonoid again by this noon it gives an error like "HTTP 404 Not Found". For the Past 15 days it shown as "HTTP 500" but now it shows something different. Cannot decide whats happening there at demonoid.

    But it is clear that they have some problem in their server side.


  11. Another usefull method is TOR (The Onion Router) and GPass (
    Use TOR in GPass as Encrypted tunnel and it works like a charm.
    You could also try GPass with skype as tunnel, this also works fine for me (in Holland that is).

  12. when i opened demonoid site it sayx:

    We will be back as soon as possible, but this will probably be a prolonged downtime.
    Thank you for your patience"

    wot happened? em watching this from 2 days!

  13. Trick 2 is Crap-- it did not work.. Got a message saying deamonoid will have some prolonged maint... that is bs

  14. Here is the message I got on 9-26-2009


    We will be back as soon as possible, but this will probably be a prolonged downtime.
    Thank you for your patience

    September 26


    The site will return as soon as possible, but there was a problem that caused data loss and the person who can help us get the data back is not able to help at this moment. The site will return when we can get his help

    A loss of a some months worth of activity including registered users and torrent submissions is to be expected because the backup we are hoping to get back is not up to date, so please be prepared for it

  15. Happy new to all!

    Demonoid officially declared the reason for their prolonged downtime.

    This says that they coming back.

    Read this updated news about it.


  17. None of the tricks worked for me:( The closest i got was the maintainance page. sniff sniff. I miss Demoniod!

  18. Trick 1 works for me...thanks!!

  19. Useful trick. But I'm using for proxy site.

  20. your english sux pretty bad!

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